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Why our families love dancing at Platinum....

Susannah W.

"The owner is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the experience (adding more seasoned staff members, investing in an easy-to-use app for registration/communication/payments, recommending additional opportunities near and far to expand my dancer’s skills, joining professional networks to further educate herself about the industry) and truly has everyone’s best interests at heart."

Amanda S.

"My daughters started dancing at Platinum Dance Center in August 2021. They have grown so much as dancers, and as people, during their time at PDC. Their favorite part of the week is coming to the studio. My son also takes a few classes here and I’ve been extremely pleased with the welcoming, inclusive environment. We have seen time and time again how the staff and owners make every decision with the dancers in mind, which gives us so much trust in choosing PDC as our children’s dance home. We have recommended PDC to several friends, coworkers, and classmates, and would continue to recommend it to anyone!"

Lila K.

"Dancing at PDC has given me a place to express myself and get out of my comfort zone. The dancers quickly become family and the staff quickly become role models! I have loved dancing here and can’t wait for more to come!"
"My family has been pleased with the level of dance education and training my girls have received from PDC over the years. My girls absolutely love being there with their friends. Their dance instructors are strong role models and wonderful individuals, dedicated to instilling proper technique and the love of dance into their students. I cannot say enough good things about this studio and would highly recommend PDC to anyone looking to learn the art of dance and/or enhance their existing dance skills."

Megan F.

Taylor W.

"Lindsey and her staff bring a wealth of dance knowledge to Tallahassee. As someone who has worked with dancers of all ages for the past 15 years, I trust Platinum Dance Company to give technique-based and age appropriate training in a plethora of disciplines. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a dance home!"

Hollis J.

"My daughter is flourishing at PDC! There are so many dance styles to choose from along with an impressive dance staff. They have made dance such an amazing experience for the students. I feel a real sense of community with the other parents."

Tracy M.

"My family absolutely loves PDC from the competitive aspect along with the all inclusive recitals I couldn’t be more proud to support a local small business who treats the kids like family. Watching the growth in my granddaughter over the last 4 years, not only in dance but also self esteem has been quite impressive."
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